Advice on discrimination

For more than 25 years the Anti-Racism Information-Centre (ARIC-NRW e.V.) has been a point of contact for those affected by racism and those working to combat it.

Advice on discrimination at ARIC-NRW e.V.:
If you are discriminated against in your workplace, when looking for work or housing, your child in school, in education because of your origin, your language and your appearance, or if you are treated in an inferior way and disadvantaged on the tram, by officials, by the police, during your leisure time (e.g. sports clubs, in the street, when going out).

Come to our advice centre and tell us about it:

  • We are here to listen to you.
  • We will work with you to find ways in which you can defend yourself against discrimination/disadvantage.
  • We will tell you what your rights are (e.g. General Equal Treatment Act) and help you find legal advice.
  • We will act as mediator with the discriminatory place/person to find solutions and accompany you if required.
  • We will seek out further advice together with you if necessary.
  • We will document the case and make it public, if you so wish.

Advice sessions: Please ring for an appointment: 0203 28 48 73